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Best Backpacks for Men – Ultimate Buying Guide 2019

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A good backpack is necessary for any man. It does not matter you are on a day trip or going for a long journey. Picking a good backpack with you while going on a tour can make your trip organized and easy with the functions that you have to perform on a daily basis. In this informative article, we are going to share the information about a variety of best backpacks for men. This will help to make easy to choose the right backpack for you.

best backpack for men

After proper research and investigation, we have found some factors that you must consider before choosing the best backpacks for men if you are men you are carrying the backpacks while traveling so its also best for traveling.

backpack for men


Comfort is the most important thing to consider before buying anything for you. it does not matter whether you are purchasing a jacket or a backpack for you, you must think about your comfort level.

Obviously, you don’t want to buy a backpack that is uncomfortable for you. It is the common observation that many people buy the goods by just seeing their attractive exterior and good looks, they don’t think about its comfort level for them.

Similarly, you should not only see the good looks of a backpack but you should also consider how much it will be comfortable on your back. If you frequently travel due to your business, you should purchase a backpack that fits on your back as you are carrying nothing.

Your back is vital and you don’t want to take a risk of back pain by carrying an uncomfortable backpack around your daily things. Choose the backpack best backpacks for men that are designed for great weight distribution in mind and its material is good and thick. There are comfortable and full padded shoulders traps. Moreover, the sternum strap is optional in many backpacks but it is so good to give you comfort by dividing the load on your back.


2nd most important thing that you should consider before buying the right backpack is the material by which it is made. The result of this considering, that it will stay with you for a long period of time and remain in good condition. There are several things whom material should be thought off, like mesh and the material of zippers. There are three types of materials in backpacks as following:


The backpacks made from leather are included in luxurious items. These items are expensive and clean. The backpacks made of leather are more durable and stays for a long time. But the cost of these backpacks is a bit more as compared to the other backpacks.


Nylon is a lightweight material but not as durable as leather. Some of the best manufacturers of backpacks like The North Face, JanSport is using Nylon commonly in their backpacks. This material has special waterproof quality in it. The backpacks made of nylon are the best option for those men who are traveling outside.


Usually, this is a recycled material and friendly to the environment. It is the cheapest material in backpacks. Moreover, it is also durable enough, water resistant and easily available in the market. It can be recycled and reuse in manufacturing. Polyester backpacks are traditionally more affordable items as compared to others. But this is not too much durable and obviously not the perfect choice for those who want a durable backpack.


The durability of a backpack depends on its material. Leather and nylon backpacks are more durable than the ones that are made of polyester. We have discussed above the durability of its materials like leather, nylon, and polyester. You can decide to choose considering the above materials to get durability according to your budget and needs.


Men are naturally strong and they can carry heavy things but they obviously don’t want a backpack pushing them down on the back. So, you should consider the weight of a  men backpacks while traveling or going on a hiking trip.

Heavy backpack will increase the load on your back. You have to make sure that you have a backpack that has little weight to carry it comfortably.

Moreover, the weight will increase with the size of the backpack, backpacks to carry heavy loads are bigger than normal. So, decide to choose a backpack that can fit the gear enough for a day or two. It will be easy to carry around and you don’t get bothered while traveling.

Design and Style:

You should get a backpack that has much style and comfort at the same time. It is also necessary to follow the current fashions as well as comfort level. Choose the backpack that is sleek, form-fitting and stylish. The style includes the color, straps, and compartments too.

If you are looking for a business travel backpack then you can also read our latest article about the best business travel backpacks in 2019.

1.SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack – Black:

It is the best backpack for men to fulfill the TSA requirements. This is a big, extra roomy and full-featured backpack to carry all of your stuff.  The material by which SwissGear 1900 ScanSmart backpack is made of is durable and high-quality ballistic polyester.

This backpack comes with a large main compartment that has a wide opening with large zippers. There are fully padded and adjustable side compression straps that make it comfortable to carry. As an addition to its comfort level,

it has a fully padded back panel designed in an airflow ventilation technology to pass the air between your back and panel when it is a hot day. Its shoulder straps are counter shaped and full padded with mesh fabric and built-in suspension, as well as ScanSmart, lay-flat technology for the ultimate in the laptop in case TSA requirements at the airport for most portable laptops up to 17″.

There is an internal floating tablet pocket to place your table safe as an extra feature. A file holder to hold the full-size files, organizer compartment to hold your small gear is also built in its interior. There are two side pockets to hold sunglasses, water bottles, and an umbrella too. A padded media pocket is also available on the front with a port to attach headphones.

A molded top handle is attached to hang it when you don’t want to carry on your back. There is a webbing daisy chain and carabiner to attach stuff when you are walking on a tour. There are two secret pockets built inside the shoulder straps when walking in the night for safety.

Moreover, there is a pocket in front to keep the stuff that needs to access quickly.  This backpack can be considered to be the most fashionable backpack for men.

2. eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Carry-On Travel Backpack:

This backpack can also be considered as the best fashionable backpacks for men. It is made of 840D and 900D twisted polyester and durable enough to stay for a long period of time. it has a fully expanded zipper that can add the 10% more space. Its laptop sleeve can hold a laptop up to 19″.

This is a bigger enough backpack that can be converted into a carry on travel backpack from a daypack. There are many security features in it while traveling on a long tour like the lockable zippers, you can leave it locked with your furniture when you want to go out of the hotel.

There is a lining with high visibility levels designed with nylon material in orange color. Two sides mesh pockets to hold your water bottle, sunglasses or even an umbrella. The most prominent feature of this backpack is it TLS ID secure pocket to hold the luggage tag on an airport while you are traveling via a flight. Moreover, this can be converted into a carry on backpack, it means you can carry it with you personally while on the flight.

This is a carry on size backpack and mostly the airlines allow it to include in carry-on items. You will be able to take it on board in-flight without checking in it. This thing will save you time and money. But not all the airliners permit it to include in carrying on size items.

There are two main compartments with many built-in organizer compartments to hold your gear in an easily accessible way with strong zippers. One of which is a half foldable container to keep a water bottle. There is also a travel organizer mesh compartments and a mesh compartment to hold a phone securely. It is back panel is fully padded and air mesh to allow the air for ventilation purpose.

Two fully padded and adjustable shoulder straps and one chest padded strap that is removable when you are not carrying a lot of load on your back. Its laptop compartment can hold a laptop up to 19″. This backpack seems to be the best carry on backpacks for men with a TLS pocket for luggage tagging.

3.Green Guru Commuter 15 L Recycled Bike Tube Daypack:

Green Guru Commuter 15 L Recycled Bike Tube Daypack

Green Guru Commuter is a recycled backpack from the material of bike tube. This is probably one of the best slim backpacks for men. Its carrying capacity is 15 liters. The material used in the manufacturing of these kinds of backpacks is usually recycled, vegan materials like the tube of bikes.

This product is made in the USA ‘s state of Colorado by Green Guru. It can be included in the best backpacks for daily commuters. It has a slim design to carry around during daily activities of men. Moreover, it has an affordable price as compared to other backpacks.

This is a top-loading backpack with a lay-flat that can be closed with a buckle on it. There is a separate compartment for laptop. Its zippers are easy to open and close and you can easily access your gear. There are two outside side pockets that can hold a water bottle, umbrella or sunglasses. This is such a slim backpack to carry around for men.

4.OutdoorMaster Sling Bag – Crossbody Backpack for Women & Men:

OutdoorMaster Sling Bag - Small Crossbody Backpack for Men & Women

This is also one of the best slim backpacks available for men. It has a very compact design but it does not mean it is not roomy enough to hold your gear. Its slim and compact design is not compromised on its space and carrying capacity. Both men and women can use this bag as a daypack to carry the daily commute. This is a versatile backpack and can hold your all-day essentials in respect of both men and women. You can use this pack as a daypack or you can take it as a luggage carrier while traveling.

The most prominent feature of this bag is its crossbody design and it is lightweight as you can carry it comfortably. This is lightweight due to its sturdy material as well as durable for a long time. There is enough space to hold a camera, tablet or a small size laptop up to 12.5 inches securely. It comes with anti-theft features. There is a small hidden pocket built-in and several other small pockets in it. Moreover, there is a water bottle holder that can hold a water bottle for your daily use.

This backpack is designed in a cross-body position having the reversible shoulder strap that is fully padded. Reversible means it can be reversed to carry for both lefties and right-handed persons equally. This is one bag that suits all. You can purchase it from Outdoor Master Sling Bag, Outdoor Master Sling bag customer services.

5.Burton Tinder Backpack with Laptop Compartment:

Burton Tinder Backpack with Laptop Compartment

A lot of among us care about our daily backpacks hip affect just as much as its protection and ease factor. If you are among those men, then Burton Tinder is for you. Its design is a combination of old and new features. This is probably one of the best slim and smart looking backpacks for men. This is a versatile backpack to work in almost every situation. Whether you are an official or going to a traveling tour.

It comes with a laptop separate laptop compartment. The material by which it is made of is leather. Its looks are of vintage and faux leather material with modern features like a laptop compartment. The external laptop compartment is easily accessible and fully padded. It allows you to open and close at great speeds while you are working in a coffee shop or at the office.

There is a top accessory pocket to keep your necessary day commuters. An internal zipper mesh pocket is available. The laptop compartment can easily hold a laptop up to 16″.

Additionally, it has a table sleeve built internal of the bag. The shoulder straps are fully padded and ergonomic, allowing you to carry it comfortably. Moreover, to divide the load on your back, there is a sternum strap also available with full padded fabric.

The manufacturer offers the lifetime guarantee for this backpack. This thing shows how much they are confident about the quality of their product. Due to its leather material, it is one of the most durable backpacks and it will stay for a long time with you.

6. Laptop Backpack, Business Anti Theft Travel Computer Bag for Women and Men, Slim Water Resistant College School Book bag with USB Charging Port Fits UNDER 17 In Laptop & Notebook by Macro (Grey):

This slim bag is the best choice for men who want a slim backpack for daily use. This backpack is available only in one color, grey. Its size is a perfect size and enough room to hold round about all your essentials both for men and women. It can hold a laptop along with your other gear up to 15.6″. Moreover, you can also put securely your Macbook or small laptop up to 13, 14, and 15 inches. There are several other convenient pockets for your mobile phone, charger, power bank, mp3, iPad, books, notebooks, binders, files, and many more things.

Pockets that are inside the bag, are perfect to place your wallet or phone. And on the outside, there is a slanted pocket to keep your ID for easy and quick access or keys to open the door of your home. There are another two side pockets to hold a water bottle, sunglasses or an umbrella.

Another prominent feature of this slim backpack is its USB port design. The port is available to connect a USB charger or power bank to charge your mobile from the built-in USB cable charger or built out USB mains charger. You just need to plug a power bank in the hub, then just plug the charging cable to your mobile and it will start charging your mobile easily.

Another good feature of this backpack is its Anti-Theft ability. You can lock your bag and don’t worry that anyone can steal your laptop and other items like iPad, confidential files, wallet or any other things that have value. So, you will feel free to walk around when you don’t want to carry it on your back. Just lock it in your room with furniture and enjoy. The zippers are made of durable material and are smooth in opening and closing.

The backpack is made of sturdy and durable nylon fabric to stay with you for a long time. The material has a water-resistant ability to protect your precious stuff. There are two S-shaped shoulder straps fully padded to give you comfort and great support when carrying on your back. Additionally, its back panel is designed in a comfortable way offering you convenience when you are going on traveling, journey or hiking.

This backpack can be considered as one of the best carries on backpacks under your seat. It is multipurpose and you can place it under your seat during a flight for a business trip. It can be used as a business laptop backpack, work backpack, carry on backpack and office work backpack for both men and women. High school students can also take this bag to keep their essentials for school.

7. Extra Large Backpack, TSA Friendly Durable Travel Laptop Computer Backpack for Men Women with USB Charging Port, Water-Resistant Big Business College School Bookbag Fits 17 Inch Laptops, Black:

If you are looking for a TSA friendly backpack then this is the best choice available in the market. This is specially designed for airplane travels and it allows you to get out of the airport very quickly by just laying the laptop to show everything in it without taking anything out on the checking counter. The large capacity USB charging travel backpack is a perfect choice to work in outdoor and indoor activities. Moreover, you can use it daily to keep your essentials while traveling, camping, hiking, mountaineering, overnight stay, weekend occasions.

A prominent feature of this backpack is its USB built-in charging port. Just plug your power bank charger in the port and plug your mobile with the cable to charge your mobile easily and quickly when you need. One thing to be noted that it does not comes with a separate power pack, you will have to purchase it separately. There is a headphone jack by which you can listen to your favorite music while working or walking on the roads.

It is a big backpack and its measurements are 19.4″x10.4″x14.96″ with a large capacity to carry the gear. Its carrying capacity is up to 45 liters and there are more than 20 pockets available to carry a lot of things. There is a large full padded separate sleep with many compartments to hold a laptop  up to 17″ and many other small computers, mac books, tablets, etc.

Organizational compartments are available in this bag to hold a lot of things like wallet, iPad, keys, calculator, mobile phone, books, clothes, ID, and many more. There are two mesh pockets on each side to hold a water bottle, sunglasses or an umbrella.

The material by which this backpack is made of is polyester fabric having the waterproof capability to secure your stuff from rain. Zippers of its pockets are heavy-duty two-way waterproof and easy to handle with smooth opening and closing. A molded handle is available on its top for easy carrying. Side compression fully padded straps are available to adjust the stylish backpack according to your size and height.

The material of the back panel is breathable and equipped with ventilation design. It allows the air to pass between your back and panel to keep it calm and preventing the healing effects. You can gift this backpack on Fathers-Day, Mothers-Day, Christmas, and Thanks Giving Day.

8.Kenox Mens Large Vintage Canvas Backpack School Laptop Bag Hiking Travel Rucksack Brown:

best backpacks for mens

This is a multipurpose backpack for use as a school bag, bag for laptop, and hiking or traveling backpack. But we can consider it as the best messenger backpacks for men. The measurements of this bag are 16.5″x12″x4″. This has a sleek and slim design. The material in it is canvas and durable enough to carry it on traveling, hiking, school, mountaineering, etc. It comes with 4 multiple compartments.

There is a pouch looking front pocket that can be closed with two magnetic buckles. You have a small zipper compartment right above the front pouch with magnetic closed with magnetic buckles. A lot of small items can be stored in it. There are two standard-size main compartments, one of these compartments has two built-in pockets one smaller than the other. On the other side, a zippered compartment is also available to keep a lot of small items of daily need. The laptop compartment is at closest and it can hold a laptop up to 15 inches.

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