9 Best Business Travel Backpacks 2019 -According to Frequent Fliers

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To work efficiently in the field for business travel, a good quality backpack is an essential thing. There are many things that a frequent business traveler needs to carry with him. To carry the necessary stuff like a laptop, a pair of clothes and other important things that you need quickly at the right time, a good backpack has become the necessity for the business traveler. He has to travel through many mediums like a plane, cabs, train stations and other destinations without bulky rollers or duffel bags slowing him down. You can find Best Business Travel Backpacks Guide here.

The era of briefcases has gone now. Nowadays, people use to carry on backpacks instead of briefcases duet to their heavy load and difficulty in carrying around. So, a businessman also should use a good backpack that helps him to carry all his essentials and he can work efficiently in the field. Here we have organized some important qualities that the best business travel backpack should have and can help you while traveling for a business tour.

Best Backpacks For Business Travel

Qualities of a Good Business Travel Backpack:

Comfortable Straps:

When a business traveler goes for a long business tour, he has to spend a long time contain a few days to carry loads of his important stuff like laptop, important documents and files, and the stuff for his personal use. So, a good backpack should have comfortable and strong straps that can help the traveler to carry the backpack easily at the airports and traveling on a plane, train stations and in the cabs. Comfy straps are essential for a good quality business travel backpack. So, if you are a frequent business traveler and want to buy a backpack for your needs, then you should make sure it has comfortable straps to carry it on your shoulders and back. It should be comfortable enough to support your shoulders and back carrying heavy loads.

TSA Friendly:

The 2nd most important quality is that the backpack can fulfill the TSA requirements at the airport easily. Time of a business traveler is a great asset for him. He does not have much time to spend on the counter for checking the stuff at the airport. Moreover, he does not have much time to open the bag and take out all the stuff for checking. So, a good business travel backpack should have TSA friendly abilities because every minute of the traveler counts.

Fits Over order the UnSeat:

The traveler cannot carry the bag on his back all the time while traveling. He has to do a lot of work on a business travel. So, when traveling on the flight, he should have the backpack that can be fitted easily over the rack or under the seat. Moreover, full overhead bins and new luggage fees make under seat bags a smart choice.

Enough Storage:

The necessary stuff of a businessman requires a space to place it an organized manner. This is more important for a business traveler to keep his essentials in an organized manner to work more efficiently on his business tour. When your essentials are well organized, you can be productive almost anywhere.

Perfect Pockets:

A good business backpack should have perfect pockets to hold the stuff in their place. All the stuff of a traveler should easily accessible and the pockets are the ones who make this possible. A well-organized backpack contains different pockets for different stuff. it can get you through the craziest multi-tasking day.

Tracking Technology:

For longer trips with checked bags, trackable luggage equals peace of mind. In case of any theft, if your backpack has a tracking facility, then you can go for it and find it wherever it is. If there is no tracking facility available then you may lose your stuff.


This is also an important factor you should consider in your mind when purchasing a business travel backpack. It should have anti-theft features and you can lock it with your furniture. If you cannot be with your bag every moment, then it must stand up to thieves. So, choose the backpack that has features of anti-theft.

Light Weight:

As we mentioned above that a business traveler does not have much time. He has to travel through the plane, walking on a train station and using the cabs to reach the destinations. So, he should choose a backpack that is lightweight and easy to carry. A lightweight but have enough space to hold the essentials can provide the best comfort and you can perform your work efficiently.


The durability of a backpack depends on its material. The backpacks made of leather are the most durable things. But there are other materials too like polyester and nylon and you can also purchase the backpacks made of them. Leather backpacks are a bit expensive as compared to others. But you should purchase a backpack that is durable and will stay long with you for a long period of time. Moreover, its material should be water-proof of semi-resistant to water. In this way, it can protect your important stuff from the weather.

1-Swiss Gear SA1923 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack – Fits Most 15 Inch Laptops and Tablets:

best travel business backpack

Swiss Gear SA1923 has been one of the best business travel backpacks in 2018. This backpack is designed for business travelers in mind. The people who have to travel frequently for their business meetings and deals across the globe can use this backpack and it will help to improve their efficiency in the field. This backpack is a smart bag available in the black color. Moreover, this is TSA friendly backpack and helps to save your time and money on the checking counter. Now, you just don’t need to open you all bag and take out all your stuff for checking. It can hold your laptop up to 15 inches along with your tablet.

The measurements of this bag are 18x13x8.5 inches with respect to length, width, and depth. There is an organizer pocket and two shoulder straps that are fully padded and adjustable offering you comfort while carrying. It meshes back panel is fully ventilated to allow the air to pass between your back and the panel to keep cool your back. There is a small pocket in which you can hold your water bottle along with an eyeglass holder. You can place your sunglasses in this pocket without the risk of being broken.

This is a versatile backpack that is designed for convenience and functionality and is full of features. It has to scan smart technology. There is a laptop compartment in which you can hold your laptop up to 15 inches with the feature of airport friendly. When you are on the TSA counter, simply open and lay flat the bag on the x-ray belt. You don’t need to take out your laptop for checking. The main internal pocket organizer offers you to keep your small stuff in an organized manner with a lot of pockets. The elastic tab available on the shoulder strap that can hold your sunglasses without the fear of broken.

2-Swiss Gear SA1908 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack – Fits Most 17 Inch Laptops and Tablets

Swiss Gear SA1908 Black TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Backpack - Fits Most 17 Inch Laptops and Tablets

Swiss Gear SA1908 is also a smart backpack for business travelers. This is a new version of its previous model but with a bit large measurements. It can hold a laptop up to 17 inches with a large organizer pocket to keep a lot of stuff in it. This best business backpack is also available in black color. It comes with TSA friendly requirements. The laptop compartment is equipped with padded straps to hold the laptop or other small computers up to 17 inches.

It comes with scan smart technology offering you great help at checking counters when traveling from an airport. You just open the zippers and it will lay flat to see everything in the bag. In this way, it fulfills all the TSA requirements to save time and money. There are reinforced molded top handles to carry it in your hands if you don’t want to carry on your back.

The back panel is designed with ventilation technology to provide you the more comfort without getting your back sweaty. It allows to pass the proper air between the back and panel and keeps you cool in a hot day when you are carrying around the bag. moreover, it provides support to your back when carrying. The internal organizer pocket offers you to keep a lot of small things like pens, mobile phone, cards, wallet, etc. it keeps your stuff organized and easily accessible.

The measurements of this bag are 18.5×13.5×9 with respect to length, width, and depth. Moreover, this is a lightweight backpack and easy to carry with a weight of 3.3 lbs. The laptop computer compartment is TSA friendly, just unfold the laptop compartment and it is easy to view in the bag on the x-ray belt. The unique quick recognition window design makes going through the security checks in less time and saves your money. In fact, this is really the best backpack for business professionals.

3-Samsonite Xenon 2 Backpack PFT Case Black:

Samsonite Xenon 2 Backpack PFT Case Black

Samsonite Xenon 2 is one of the best business travel backpacks that keep you ready anytime you need to go for a business tour. It can carry the luggage of a businessman who travels frequently in an organized way and ready for any time. This backpack is specially designed for business travelers in mind to provide them helps at the TSA counter. This backpack features a glossy, weather-resistant neoprene finish and black nickel accents for additional durability. Its design is so sleek and perfect for professional travelers.

It has got a style of the secret agent and the substance to match. It comes in a lightweight round about 2.5 lbs and has enough space to store all your essentials when going on business travel.

There is a perfect adjustable and fully padded laptop compartment to hold a wide variety of small size computers. There are small straps slides over upright handle for easy mobility. Now, you can move faster on airport or train stations carrying it by its handles. Two shoulder straps are fully padded to provide you comfort with weight dividing capability. It regulates and reduces the heating effect on your back due to its ventilated style back panel, that allows air to pass between your back and panel and prevent your back to get sweaty.

There is a front organizer pocket available to keep your tablet securely for all your business needs. The measurements of this smart business travel backpack are 17.7x17x10.2 with respect to length, width, and depth. In fact, this is one of the best business travel backpacks for professionals.

4-SwissGear Wenger Ibex Laptop Backpack:

The Swiss Gear Wenger Ibex backpack is a combination of functionality and portability that offers you to carry your laptop or small computers with style and fashion. This is specially designed to protect your laptop from shocks or felling effects. It is protected with extra padded internal straps and durable material on its bottom in case of falling down your backpack.

Its pockets are quick and removable accessory pouch offer you to keep your stuff in an organized manner. Moreover, it can hold a laptop up to 17 inches.

The most prominent feature of this backpack is its shockproof quality. The laptop compartment in this bag is protected by three layers of high-density foam that keeps your laptop up to 17 inches. It prevents the accidental scratches to your laptop with triple protected layers.

There is another pocket to hold a tablet inside the bag. Casebase stabilizing platform on the bottom of this bag standing in an upright position when placed on the floor preventing it from tipping, and protecting your laptop.

There is a quick pocket to keep your mp3 or any other musical instrument offering easy access to all your electronics. The back panel is equipped with ventilation technology to keep your back cool on a hot day. This stylish backpack is made of 90% polyester and 10% PVC. This is one of the best computer bags for business.

5- Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack:

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack

Another best option for computer business travel backpacks is Timbuk2 command laptop backpack. This is specially designed for a laptop. Another name of this backpack is messenger backpack for businessmen. This is a complete solution for travelers. It fulfills the TSA requirements at the airport and you don’t need to take out your laptop for checking.

There are external pockets for phones and cards, organized in a strategic way and offers you easy access to your mobile phone, cards, and wallet. These pockets are safe and hold your important stuff in the right quarters. You can travel with this backpack across the globe with all your essentials for business dealings. Although, traveling for business is not so enjoying, but this backpack will help to make it easy and it should not that hard though.

The pockets at the front are fully padded and hold your stuff like iPad or tablet safely and securely. Another external pocket on the side of the bag is made of elastic and you can place your water bottle in it. It comes in print liner design by Timbuk2.

6- Thule TCBP-417 Crossover 32 L Backpack, Black:

Thule TCBP-417 Crossover 32 L Backpack, Black

Thule TCBP-417 is the backpack that can be used for a weekend gathering party and for a long business tour containing a few days. This is big enough to carry all your essentials from personal use to official use like clothes, laptop, and other files. Its carrying capacity is round about 32 liters and it can hold your laptop in internal compartment up to 15 inches.

This backpack is dedicated to protecting your electronics and laptop in fully padded compartments. The compartments are roomy enough to hold the stuff necessary for a week on a business tour or at weekender gathering.

This backpack is made of polyester fabrics and it is semi-waterproof to protect your stuff. Moreover, the fabrics of bag and zippers make a combination to provide extra security. This is the reason that the backpack is durable. The compartments are fully padded to provide safety for your electronics in case of shock or crush. There is also a crush proof padded pocket available to place your sunglasses and mobile phone safely.

The shove-it pocket with compression straps provides additional storage space for a jacket or your important files and binders. Moreover, this is a lightweight bag due to its water-resistant fabric.

7- Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit Laptop Backpack Black:

Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit Laptop Backpack BlackSamsonite Novex Perfect Fit Laptop Backpack Black

Another top rated laptop backpack for business traveling is Samsonite Novex backpack for laptop. The measurements of the bag are 17.5×12.2×7.2 inches in respect to its length, width, and depth. The backpack is lightweight and the total weight is 2.9 lbs. This is a backpack perfectly fit for small computers or laptops from 13” to 15.6”.

You can fit your laptop in this bag easily while going for your business tour. This product is TSA friendly and saves your time and money at the airport. Now, you don’t need to take out your laptop or any other gear at checking counter. The laptop sleeve is smart enough to slide upright and you will feel easy at security check counter. There is also a top handle to carry it hanging.

This is a carry on size backpack and most of the airliners permit it to include in carrying on items but we are not sure about some airliners. The laptop compartment is fully padded and built in to carry your laptop preventing the shocking effects while traveling. It protects your sensitive electronics with the fully padded interior in case of crushing.

The laptop sleeve is perfect fit and adjustable according to different sizes of small computers and laptops up to 15.6”. Samsonite Novex perfect fit backpack can also be included in the list of best and top rated business travel backpacks.

8-eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack for Travel, School & Business – Fits 17″ Laptop – Anti-Theft – (Solid Black):

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack for Travel, School & Business - Fits 17" Laptop - Anti-Theft - (Solid Black)

This backpack is perfect for business travelers, who travel frequently for business tours. It can hold a laptop up to 17” in a perfect sleeve, fully padded compartment specially designed for laptop. Another separate full padded sleeve is available for a tablet. The backpack is crushproof and protects your electronics in case of shock. The most prominent feature of this backpack, it can be attached to rolling luggage if you don’t want to carry it on your back. The shoulder straps are fully padded and stowable with side carry handles. The high school students and college going teenagers can also use it as a school bag to keep their daily needed essentials with a laptop or tablet.

The back panel of the bag meshes and it prevents the heating effects on a hot day. It provides enough ventilation facility on your back to keep it cool. There is also a sternum strap available that can be adjusted according to your comfort level. Moreover, it is lightweight to carry with the weight of only 3.31 lbs. The backpack comes with dimensions of 8.5×18.5×12.75 inches in respect to its length, width, and height. This is a large backpack with storage capacity up to 21.5 liters. The product is available in heathered graphite color. This backpack can also seem like the best rolling backpack for business travelers.

9-Laptop Backpack, Business Anti-Theft Travel Computer Bag for Women and Men, Slim Water Resistant College School Bookbag with USB Charging Port Fits UNDER 17 In Laptop & Notebook by Macro (Grey):

This slim backpack has a lot of features and it is a versatile product. This is not only best for business travelers but the students of college or school can also use to carry their essentials. It comes with a lot of features and style for both men and women. It has a perfect size and enough storage to hold a laptop and Macbook up to 15.6 inches and small computers of 13, 14 and 15 inches. The bag is made of water-resistant material to protect your stuff from weather effects. The large main compartments are big enough to carry your iPad, mobile phone, binders, files, charger, books, and clothes.

Internal pockets can carry your wallet, phone, cards, etc. There is a slanted pocket inside the bag to hold your ID, keys for the door and the things that you need quickly. Moreover, there are two side pockets available on each side to keep a water bottle and umbrella.

Another prominent feature of this bag is USB charging with built-in USB charging outside and built-in charging cable inside, you can plug a mobile power bank into it on inside and then you have to just connect your cable inside the backpack and plug it to your mobile phone to charge it very quickly.

The backpack comes with anti-theft feature. There is a lock available and you don’t have to worry now that anyone can steal your laptop and other electronics. You will feel free and peace of mind after locking your backpack. The zippers are made of durable material and equipped with easy opening and closing to provide you the long-lasting quality whether you are going to a business tour or school, college.

The backpack is made of high-quality nylon that is durable and has water resistant quality. The shoulder straps are fully padded and are of S-shaped. Shoulder straps help to give relief to your shoulders when carrying on your back. The back panel is designed simply to provide you more comfort when carrying it on your back on a journey and make your traveling more convenient. Moreover, this backpack is of multipurpose with dimensions of 20×12.2×5.7 inches in respect to its length, width, and depth. You can place it under your seat while going on a business trip. This is the best option for business laptop backpack, work backpack, office work bag for men and women, book bag for school and college students of all ages and gender.

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