Best Features of Backpacks You Need to Know Before Buy

Best Back Pack Features
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Common Features of a Good Backpack:

What features should be in a great multi-day backpack? What features of backpacks should be considered when you are purchasing a new backpack?  The weight of a backpack depends on the features and contents available in it. Here We Also have Best Carry on Backpacks Buying Guide and in this article we are going to share the explained features of backpacks.

In this article, we will try to inform you about the cool and must-have features of backpacks. It will make easy for you to decide about the right backpack for you.

We searched and surveyed about the question that what cool features a backpack must-have. Must have feature mean that without these features, a backpack is not complete.

common back packs features

After research and proper investigation, we found that the following features area must-have in a backpack when buying a new one.

Interchangeable Waist Belts:

In the research, we found that mostly the backpackers prioritize the backpacks with adjustable lengths of hip or waistline belts or available in different sizes independent of a backpack torso length. On the demand of its users, mostly the backpack manufacturing companies are making the pack with adjustable hip belts. This feature allows the consumer to shorten or increase the length of the hip belt according to their height or the weight of backpack contents. The backpacks that come with the adjustable belt are called torso-length backpacks. Now, in the current scenario, the major backpack manufacturers have started to take steps in the direction to add adjustable hip belts like Osprey backpacks.

Water Bottle Sleeve:

The water bottle is necessary to keep with your stuff. It does not matter you are going for a long journey or one day trip. Even a water bottle is essential with daypack backpacks. When you are purchasing a new backpack, consider that it has a sleeve or pocket to hold a water bottle. This is important to prevent you from dehydration. Usually, there is a water bottle side pocket is available in the backpacks. Water bottle pocket is a must-have feature in backpacks. Caring your water bottle yourself saves your money and time.

Lockable Zippers:

Lockable zippers are also a must-have feature in backpacks according to our research. In these days, security has become a major concern, you should consider the lockable zipper heads when purchasing a new backpack. Lockable zippers add a level of security by allowing you to use a combination lock to secure your bag. For example, if you are on a trip and staying in a hotel. If you want to have a walk-in the evening, you can lock the backpack with one of room furniture and go out with full peace of mind. In this way, you always know your belongings are safe.

Water-Proof Material:

If you are a frequent traveler and need to travel for official objectives, then you should consider a backpack that is made of water-proof material. Water-resistant material will protect your precious gear from bad weather conditions like a rainy day. Moreover, the water-resistant backpack is a must-have feature if you carry important documents, tablet, laptop or other electronic equipment in your backpack. Noting is worse than finding a soaked notebook or file after a surprise downpour. 

Weight Distribution System:

You don’t want your back aching the whole day because our backpack has all the good features but cannot distribute the weight evenly, do you? You should make sure that the backpack has an ergonomic design when purchasing the new backpack. The back panel should be curved and designed in ventilation technology will prevent your back from the scorching heat of the sun and offer the air to pass between the back and the panel.


Contingent upon the make and model, the backpacks come in different sizes and shapes. Some models are accessible in little, small, medium and vast, while others are unisex. But the most common and must-have featured in all kinds of backpacks is fit. Here the meaning of fit is that the bag fits on your back properly according to your height and body shape. The adjustable shoulder and waist straps play an important role in the fitness of a backpack with your body. This feature is also very helpful in weight distribution.

Padded Laptop Compartment:

This feature should be common mostly in Backpacks for Students and officials. You should consider the fully separate laptop sleeve to hold the laptop securely. Because a laptop is essential for both students and office workers. So, they need to keep secure in a separate laptop compartment due to its sensitivity.  

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