How to Clean your backpack step by step [Easy Guide]

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How to clean your Osprey Backpack?

Taking care of your Osprey backpack is necessary. Osprey backpacks are made of high-quality materials. So it is important to know how to clean your backpacks Osprey. Follow these steps:

  • If your backpack has removable straps like on chest, shoulders, and waist, first remove them from the pack body.
  • Remove the dirt, food grains and spills with using a brush and empty the backpack.
  • Put your backpack in a large sink or bathtub and fill it with slightly warm water. Osprey recommends Nikwax Tech Wash.
  • Take a soft brush and scrub all the bag from interior and exterior gently in the direction of the fabric.
  • Clean all the zippers and buckles with the brush.
  • Now drain out the soapy and dirty water from sink or bathtub and fill it with new cold water, now dip the bag and rinse it well.
  • Now hang the backpack outdoor in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.
  • Remember! don’t wash it in the washing machine. It will ruin your backpack.
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How to clean your JanSport Backpack?

If you have JanSport backpack made of leather or leather accent, don’t wash it in the washing machine. The standard cleaning procedure for JanSport backpacks is as following:

  • Empty the bag, remove all the gears and tools from the compartments and pockets and turn it upside down.
  • Now clean the dirt or dust from the bag by jerking it, use a soft brush if necessary.
  • Cut out the loose threads, these may be snagged during the cleaning process.
  • Fill a large bucket or sink with water and clean it with a soft cloth over dirty areas.
  • Use a very small amount of mild detergent to clean the stain spots.
  • Now hang the backpack to dry away from direct sunlight.
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How to clean your North Face Backpack?

The standard procedure to clean the North Face backpack is organized in the following easy steps. You need a dirty North Face backpack, a large bucket or sink, mild detergent, old toothbrush, towels, and a large hanger.

  • Remove all the contents and empty the bag.
  • Remove all the dirt and dust by using a dry paper towel.
  • Now use a wet towel to remove the remaining dirt from the compartments, pockets, and zippers.
  • Fill the bucket or sink with clean and cold water and dip the bag into it. Scrub the bag gently using the toothbrush in the direction of the fabric.
  • If you feel that it still needs to clean, pour a small amount of mild (non-bleach) detergent and scrub it again with a toothbrush.
  • Drain the sink and fill it with new clean water, then dip the bag again and rinse it well.
  • Finally, hang the backpack in a large hanger away from the direct sunlight.

How to clean your Herschel Backpack?

Herschel Company recommends cleaning all its accessories and products hand washing. Don’t clean it in the washing machine because its products are made of high-quality fabric.

  • Empty the backpack from all the contents and gears.
  • Clean the dirt by jerking the bag or use a brush too if necessary.
  • Fill a large sink or bathtub with fresh cold water and pour a small amount of mild detergent into it. Herschel Company recommends mild detergent (non-bleach) otherwise it may be harmful to the fabric.
  • Clean the backpack inside with brush, all the compartments, zippers and metal parts.
  • Now dip the bag into water and use a brush gently to clean its surface.
  • Now rinse the backpack well and hang it to dry away from the direct sunlight.

How to clean my Camelbak Backpack?

If your Camelbak backpack is little dirty or dusty, you can clean it by dumping a soft and slightly wet cloth in the direction of the fabric. If it is more filthy and needs a thorough cleaning, then you should follow the procedure:

  • Empty your backpack from all its contents.
  • Fill a large bucket with warm or cool water and pour some mild (non-bleach) detergent into it.
  • Rinse the bag well, you can use a soft toothbrush to clean the buckles and straps. (skip this step and you might end up creating some suds the next time you sweat with your pack on.)
  • Drain out the water and fill the bucket with new water, rinse the pack again.
  • Now hang the backpack in a large hanger to air dry.

Remember! You cannot wash your bag in the washing machine. it will destroy your bag.

How to clean your Backpack water bladder?

Cleaning of your backpack water bladder depends on how dirty it is. If it is dirty moderately, then you can clean it by using baking soda solution or a cleaning tablet to clean thoroughly. On the other side, the mold was starting to grow up in the bladder, there is a need to disinfect it. You should need bleach and water to thoroughly clean and disinfect your backpack water bladder.

If your water bladder has a capacity of 2 liters of water, then mix ½ cups of baking soda with 1 ½ cups of water. You also can mix the white vinegar. Wait until the solution stops fizzing. Now pour the solution into the bladder and shake it well for 30 minutes and drain the solution with making sure the hose is facing away from your face then scrub the bladder tubes with a brush.

Now rinse the bladder with a soapy solution and drain it. Fill the bladder with warm water and shake it for 30 seconds. After draining the water, your backpack water bladder is clean to use it again.

How to clean fJallraven Backpack?

Cleaning the Fjallraven backpack is so simple. You need a toothbrush, warm water and two tablespoons of mild detergent or a splash of shampoo. Don’t use too much soap, it will be marked. Rub the bag with warm water using the brush gently. Now mix the mild detergent and shampoo in warm water and start scrubbing the backpack hard, specifically on dirtiest parts. Now remove the backpack without submerging it in the water and hang it in the air to dry up.

How to clean Backpack Sprayer?

  • Dump remaining product as much as you can.
  • Add soap round about ¼ cup to your tank.
  • Now add hot water and let sit for one hour.
  • Dump the water when the tank has been sitting at least an hour.
  • Refill the tank with water and clean the hose and wand thoroughly.
  • Now clean the filter screen with a bristle brush or toothbrush.
  • Rinse the shut-off valve.

How to clean a Backpack Rei?

According to expert advice, if you are doing light cleaning or deep cleaning, there are things that you will need:

  • A mild soap or detergent-one that has no fragrance, aroma or other additives. A soap like castile soap would work. A special product that is made for packs and clothing.
  • Clean sponge or washcloth
  • Soft nylon-bristled brush or old toothbrush.

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