What Are Good Backpack Brands to buy in 2019

backpack brand in 2019
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The backpack has got too much popularity as a travel accessory, street accessory, suitcase, and as a general handy carrier.  This is also popular among the students of different grades from middle school to university to carry their stuff like laptop, textbooks, notebooks, pens and papers, and other tools and gadgets. This product has got deserved popularity among the office workers as they feel comfortable to carry their office stuff like laptop and documents or papers in it. What Are Good Backpack Brands? A good backpack will help to lessen the strain in your shoulders and it also offers you the maximum space to hold your stuff in your own style or according to your requirements as a professional, student or traveler.

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To find a good backpack that can settle your needs, may take some time. You assume the design of backpack that fits both your use case and your body can feel comfortable and also want to have a backpack with a strong frame or structure and zippers. You also prefer the product that offers you warranty in case of any damage.

Like everything, the best brands can fail, but a warranty offer is such a thing that shows, how much confidence a manufacturer is about their product. can you what backpacks are in style now?

After proper research and investigation, we have organized this informative article to help you with your decision about shopping a backpack. In this article, we will share information about the best and most favorite backpack brands in the world.and you also check a brief history of the modern backpack.

What are the top backpack brands?

Osprey, The North Face, and Fjallraven are the best backpack brands with good quality and long lasting.

  • Osprey

It is very difficult to find a site without the including of Osprey model in its top brands, if not multiple. They offer the products in a wide array of sizes and colors for almost any outdoor activity or long term travel option. They also offer you a lifetime warranty. It shows how much they are confident about the quality of the backpacks they are producing.

We a group of friends, experienced its quality on a one month trip to the beautiful northern areas of Pakistan in between with minimal complaints.

  • The North Face

North Face is a brand that also produces outwears like jackets as well as good quality backpacks. Backpacks of this brand are just as comfortable to wear as the brand’s jackets and come in both commuter and outdoor lines.


This is a Swedish brand that produces outdoor wear and this is probably the best known for its charming and cool fox logo patches. These patches are the symbol showing their commitment to only sourcing the raw material from animals that are processed very well. Another reason for its popularity is the multicolor range of boxy Kanken backpacks. Fjallraven also offers plenty of technical packs as well.

Best style backpack brand:

Thule is one of the best current fashion backpack brands.

  • Thule

Thule’s backpacks lean toward a sleeker, more minimalist design but still offer plenty of protection for both your back and your stuff. Thule can help you to carry a variety of your necessary stuff. This brand offers products that are preferably designed to keep everything organized, easily accessible and protected throughout travels and tours.

  • Samsonite

Samsonite is a brand that offers a wide range of variety. If you are looking for a full matching backpack or luggage sets, Samsonite is the best option for you then. They manufacture the products that have qualities of extra slim and convertible. Their products are easy to handle and carry.

What is the best backpack brand for hiking?

The following are the best backpack brands for hiking

  • Deuter

Deuter is a German brand. They are specialized in the manufacturing of backpacks for hiking, airplane, backpacking, and school or professional departments. There is a wide range of bags is available in women’s models. This thing is a defined perk when you are looking for that perfect fit.

  • Arc’teryx

This high-performance product is from the Canadian Coast Mountain Range offers solid outdoor packs for both, single or multi-day outdoor tour or adventures.

  • Tortuga

Tortuga produces high quality and tougher backpacks. If you are going to a tour outdoor that is adventures too, you should try its traveler backpack. It focuses on small touches like quality buckles and zippers. Actually, these touches make a bag tougher and harder to bear hard situations like on the roads and in the mountains during traveling.

What are the good backpacks brands for middle and high school?

After long research, the findings of the good backpack brands for middle and high school are as following:

  • JanSport

Its name shows it as flashbacks to a middle school backpack sagging beneath the weight of your decorative patches and jingling chain collection. But Jansport backpacks are also built stay with you for a long period of time and it is famous for adult-friendly designs as well.

  • Timbuk2

Timbuk2 offers a lifetime warranty that is showing their confidence in the quality of their products. Their designs are specialized in city biking instead of going to a long term tour of backcountry side or out of your country.

Wrapping Up:

A backpack is a perfect storage choice for your all kind of stuff in this era of fast and modern lifestyle. It does not matter that you are a daily commuter to the office, a high flyer who travels a lot, a school or college going student, a sportsman, or an adventurous hiker, the backpack has become the necessity for you. It is designed to hold you all types of stuff for outdoor or indoor activities.

If you need to have internal storage space that can hold your textbooks, laptop or tablet, camera, clothes or shoes, and travel supplies, a backpack is a thing that will cover it all. It has large compartments to keep your laptop or tablet, and small pockets to hold your calculator, cell phone, charger and travel documents. Moreover, there are mesh pockets in it designed to hold your water bottle or umbrella.

There is a great and healthy competition between the manufacturing companies of backpacks. they are recreating the backpacks day by day to offer you a high level of support and comfort-ability to their customers and it is so important to protect your shoulders, back, and neck. So, always choose a backpack that prioritizes your protection against back or neck pain. Finally, a backpack keeps you prepared for every type of situation in your life. it also helps to keep you on the top of your field.

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  • Very informative read. I took some notes.
    I’ve had several Fjallraven backpacks and what can I say is that they are crazy durable. They are also perfect for the city hustle. I am not sure if they produce hiking packs?
    As for Osprey – they are the Cadillac of backpacks and eveyone who has ever wore an Osprey pack knows what I mean. Their ventilation system is unmatched!

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