What Backpack should I get for traveling in this era?

Backpacks For Travelling
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Choosing a perfect backpack to travel is an important part of your planning for a tour. If it is too much big, then you will have to carry too much extra weight around. Or you might not get your bag on an question is that what backpack should I get for traveling?.

If it is too small, then you will need to compromise on your stuff to fit in it because of its small size. If you have taken the low-quality material and your stuff will be soaked in the rain or spills.

backpacks for traveling

There are a lot of backpacks available in the market to travel and it is too difficult to decide what backpack is the right choice. In fact, there is a science in choosing the right backpack and especially, when I first started the traveling. After a detailed investigation, online research and many weeks on traveling, we have organized the information to sort out this problem of choosing the right backpack. We will share all the good qualities that a good backpack brand also should have.

This article will satisfy the following questions about to decide the what backpacks are good for traveling whether you are going for a tour to Europe, Australia or Asian countries:

  • What backpack should I get for traveling?
  • What size of backpack should I get for traveling?
  • What size of backpack should I get for traveling to Europe, Asia, and Australia?
  • What is the perfect size of the backpack for traveling on the roads and jungle?

What to look for in a Good Travel Backpack:

The best backpack is that is durable and stays with you for a long time, means that it remains in good condition no matter how much you abuse it. A good backpack should have the following qualities in it:

  • Water-Resistant Material: A good backpack should be made of semi-waterproof material to make sure that your stuff does not get wet in rain. There are many backpacks that come with a separate waterproof cover in case of a severe downpour. Another thing to makes sure is that material of backpack should not get wet so long and thereby get musty. Search for the material that is thick but light in weight. Nylon fiber is a good choice.
  • Zip Locks: a 2nd thing that should make sure that it has compartments with double zippers so you can lock these together. It is necessary to lock your bag while traveling. On the time of purchasing the locks for your backpack, make sure the package says they are TSA-friendly locks. TSA supporting locks are that offers the TSA to open the locks without breaking it so they can check your bag. These TSA locks are available in any retail stores or markets.
  • Multiple Compartments: A good backpack must have multiple compartments. So, you can put your things in an organized form to make it easier to find the stuff when you need. For example, put your clothes in the main compartment, umbrella in the top, and shoes in the separated side compartment. In this way, they don’t get dirty. It saves you time when you need something and doesn’t have time.
  • Internal Frame: Nowadays, backpacks are supported by the internal frame. It means that there are rods and frame is made into the backpack hidden from view. In this way, your stuff will safe in an accident. But some backpacks are still external frame, where the rods are fixed in the external structure. This style has been old and you should buy the backpack with an internal frame.

Moreover, the backpacks with internal frame are lightweight because the frame is made of carbon fiber or tough plastic. This phenomenon makes them easier to carry and handle on your back as well as more durable.

  • Padded Hip Belt: When you carry a backpack on your back, most of the weight of the bag will be pushing down on your hips. So, you should look for a bag which has a padded belt to make it easier to handle the weight on your back. The padded belt will support your back and will divide the weight more evenly on your back. This will make it comfortable and will help to lessen the strain. Moreover, the padded belt should adjustable so you can tighten it for extra support.
  • Padded Shoulder Belts: Shoulder straps also support your shoulders while carrying weight. Because the weight of your backpack will also be pushing down on your shoulders too. The padded belts will lessen the pressure and strain off your lower back. You should look for a backpack that is made of a single piece without joints and thick shoulder belts because it will be less likely to split and thin out.
  • Curved Back: Your backpack should of lumbar-shaped. You will feel more comfortable to carry it. In fact, it will help to divide the weight more evenly. The contoured chairs are also made with the same rule. It will lessen the risk of back pain due to a more natural curve. Moreover, this kind of backpack allows passing the air between your back and the pack. It will help to keep you cool because carrying your bag may cause sweating.
  • Front Loading: The front-loading backpack is one, that allows you to zip open the face from the side and access all your stuff. On the other hand, a top-loading bag allows you only to find your stuff from a hole in the top. This will make the situation of your stuff difficult. So, you should look for a front-loading backpack that allows you to access your tools easily.

Does the size matters to choose the best Backpack?

One of the most frequently asked questions about a backpack is about its size. Everyone wants to know that, what should the quality size of a good backpack. The one thing that you should look for is that your backpack is proportional to your body. If your backpack is too big or too small, your weight will not be balanced. The difference between your body weight and bag weight may cause back pain.

Mostly, people want a backpack that can hold some extra stuff that you are bringing. If a backpack fits everything you want and you feel comfortable with it, it means you have got the perfect size backpack. Manufacturing companies have introduced torso and waist sizes for each model they make.

While purchasing a backpack from the store, they should be able to stuff your backpack with the equivalent of 30 pounds in order to see how much weight feels on your back. You should be noted that the bigger your backpack is the less likely it is that you will be able to carry it on the airplane.

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How much should it cost?

The prices of backpacks depending on size, material, and brand. Mostly the normal price for backpacks is between $99-300. A medium-sized backpack costs you for $200. Remember one thing that store brands are cheaper than the bigger brands like North Face, Osprey, Gregory, and JanSport. I am not convinced that a backpack should cost about $300, does not matter how much nice it is. You should purchase the backpack between $150 -250.

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