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What stores sell north face backpacks is best online stores that sell the products of North Face on best prices are Nordstrom, Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods and the North Face’s own sales department. You can visit the official website of North Face and use a location finder available on the site to locate the best retails around you to buy its can also check the what stores sell north face backpacks on Wikipedia. You also can order it online from its official website and it will be delivered at your address in a few working days.

Largest North Face Backpack:

The largest backpack manufactured by the North Face is the Favero 85. It is a backpack with a capacity of 85 liters. You don’t need to leave anything back at home when you are going a long term trip in the backcountry.

This is an 85-liter technical backpack and is specially designed to carry exceptional and if you can carry your stuff in this backpack up to 70 pounds. In addition to its large volume, this large backpack has two pockets to keep the tools. It has a separate large compartment to hold a sleeping bag. Favero 85 is standing at the top of North Face’s largest can check the cheap north backpacks in 2019.

Largest North Face Women’s Backpack:

woman north force backpacks

The largest backpack manufactured by North Face for women is Women’s Surge Transit Backpack. This is the perfect and ideal commuter backpack that holds the features of checkpoint friendly. It has a large compartment to hold a laptop up to 17 inches and it can be lay flat by opening its long zippers from side to side and the largest women’s backpack by North Face with a carrying capacity of 35 liters. It will help you to hold all your gear and tools that you want to carry around your day. Probably the best backpack to fit your stuff into it. This backpack is like a roomy backpack.

The best backpack by North Face for high school:

The North Face Vault Backpack

The North Face is one of the famous brands for outdoor gears. Vault backpack is the best choice to use it for school and college. It is made of high quality and durable polyester with a capacity of up to 28 liters. It has a large floating compartment that can hold a laptop up to 15 inches. The best thing about this backpack is that it is comfortable whether you carry it in your school or commute by bike. This backpack is designed with reflective panels to add more safety. It has a chest strap to keep it fit on your back and comfortable on the roads when you are riding a bike.

The material by which the North Face Backpacks are made of:

Usually, North Face uses the Polartec Fabrics to make its products. This is pretty much the standard material for fleece. They apply the policy to use the recycled material to manufacture their products due to show that they are making eco-friendly products. You will see some of the most famous backpacks from North Face as being made with Polartec Fleece.

There are three types of Polartec, Classic Polartec, Eco Polartec, and Thermal Polartec. And this material is made from 50 percent recycled materials. They are committed to improving the environment by using recycled materials for their products and manufacturing innovations. They are working to increase the use of recycled fabric, especially recycled Polyester, because reusing of the material decreases the dependence on fossil fuels and it is an indicator to improve environmental performance. Recycled polyester has a lower impact on air and water resources as compared to virgin polyester. North Face’s mission is to focus their efforts on high volume products and materials. You will see the recycled polyester in some of its main products like backpacks and jackets.

The North Face Backpacks made in Vietnam:

In Vietnam, the plenty of stores with the North Face label on their products. Prices are so low as compared to the original prices by North Face. It is very hard to differentiate between the fake and original products. The stores will try to make the impression on you like that the product is made in Vietnam so its price is low. So be aware of these fake shops and stores in Vietnam who are selling fake products with the tag of North Face. The North Face does not have any manufacturing facility in Vietnam.

This is just a warning to others. As you know that the Chinese and other Chinese Regional countries have become experts in making a copy of the quality products. But they just make a copy, not the original product. Similarly, there are a lot of stores located in Vietnam who are selling their non-original products with the tag of North Face and made in Vietnam. They all are selling a fake product. It is very hard to recognize the product like a backpack or a jacket whether it is original or not.

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